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Mediumship & Healing Practices
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What experience have you had with a Psychic that made you think this is absolutely legit?

I?ll answer this question from personal experience both as a Querent and a Practitioner. A Querent is person asking for psychic guidance. As a Practitioner, I am a Psychic Medium and Spirit Channeler. I love receiving guidance from psychics to help clarify questions that I may have as related to career, guidance, health, etc.

One of the most interesting sessions I had was with a psychic and shaman Chiropractic Healer named Ken Orr who practices in the DFW, Texas area. I booked a foot reflexology session with him. As Ken touched the big toe on my right foot he immediately started to get visibly upset. He said, ?I?m so sorry this happened to you Claudia. You suffered greatly from [insert very specific brain condition] a few years ago. But I?m glad to see you have healed and that this opened up your spiritual senses even more.? Mr. Orr then proceeded to accurately identify all of the resulting physical and medical issues my brain issue had resulted in. He was super accurate, so kind and very healing. There was no way for him to get this information as I had never met him before. I also was at a metaphysical fair when I spontaneously decided to consult with him. It was impossible for him to research my condition beforehand. If you would like a session with him, visit www.orrholistichealing.com.

As a Psychic Medium, I have completed thousands of readings with clients who state that what is discussed is very accurate. Read some of their personal accounts in the link below. I find that the more trusting and open a person is, the more detailed and accurate the information received becomes. In my case, people are really surprised with the information I receive related to a person?s medical and/or mental health and their accordant physical symptomology. They are also often surprised with the details they can validate as relates to their inquiries. My goal is always to give irrefutable evidence that Spirit exists and communicates with grace and detailed intelligence.

I will say, that from personal experience, no one is 100% accurate all the time as there are many factors that can play out to affect accuracy: 1) you are not the best Reader for the person in front of you (it happens! you?re not a compatible match), 2) the Querent is fearful, guarded, or untrusting (can create barriers to how we see, hear, feel or know on their behalf), 3) the Reader is not energetically clean and in the highest vibration to receive messages, and 4) the cosmic energy is chaotic and can disrupt the messages received.

To summarize, I 100% believe that their are legitimately very gifted folks who can relay very accurate information to help people make informed choices about their lives. I’ve experience people transform their lives for the better with the guidance they lovingly receive. My question is: Why wouldn’t you consult with a legitimate psychic?




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