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Client Reviews

Claudia is the most accessible, understanding, calm human being I have ever encountered. She often knows what I need/feel long before I am aware of it. Claudia’s classes (both virtual and in person) helped this beginner tap into my inner power. I felt comfortable from the first second I entered her presence. I left every class feeling at peace, connected with my peers and most of all with a better understanding of myself. I also cannot recommend her crystal bracelets enough.  They are beautifully crafted, durable for everyday wear and the healing powers channeled by Claudia were phenomenal—I instantly feel better while wearing them.

Nicole B., Texas, USA

Claudia’s dedication to her clients and passion for what she does is unmatched. She sets forth the best intention and seeks to offer her best self in all aspects of services she offers. Classes and literature provided are well organized and professional. The bracelets and sprays are beautiful and of great quality. Meeting Claudia has been life changing.

Tammiko J., Texas USA

Claudia is absolutely exceptional. She makes you feel at ease and completely comfortable during your readings. Her messages she receives are spot on and very insightful. During class she really helps you understand and hone your gifts. She always takes the time to answer questions. The class atmosphere is always wonderful and feels supportive. Everyone is there to learn and advance their skills. Her bracelets are all beautifully made and feel energetically positive. If one is to break because it has done its job, she is always happy to fix them for you. All around she is an amazing person with such a big heart! She is here to guide us so we may continue to be beacons of love and light to the world.

Mayra L., Texas USA

Claudia is very intuitive, helpful, caring and kind. She validated a lot of things that were going on in my life even while being 1000s of miles apart. Her guidance is very enriching to better one’s life. She is very great to give better meaning to the things we feel inside but not quite understand ourselves. The world is very blessed to have a soul like hers, roaming it. If I would have to choose to join a tribe, she would be it. You can just feel her sunny spirit.

Patricia M., New York, USA

I am so happy to share my experience with Claudia. She is truly the real deal. She has always been open, honest, and most important to me, transparent in her readings. She knows what to share and how to share it with you and is on point. Her delivery is exceptional. I never walked away feeling offended or upset with the information Claudia conveyed to me. On the contrary, I walked away amazed at how she was able to talk to me about what I wanted to know without me really directing her conversation. Her messages just flow freely through her. I also want to point out that Claudia’s positivity prevails in all she does.

Claudia is very smart and eloquent. She re-wrote my resume for me and it looks fabulous. I was truly amazed. As a hiring manager myself, I interview candidates a lot, and if the resume does not engage me immediately, I have a hard time reading the whole thing. She makes it engaging and eye-catching using the right words in the right intuitive spot. I was pleasantly surprised and very appreciative.

Eleanor R., Texas USA

Working with Claudia there is only one word to describe her sessions: Amazing. Not only do you leave each card reading and class feeling light and positive inside, but you also feel empowered to seek out your greatest and highest good using your own gifts and strengths.  Things are discussed that there is no way she could have prior knowledge to. Every interaction is calm, peaceful and feels safe to allow yourself to be vulnerable and learn. I have seen firsthand how well her tools for protection work and use them daily in my home and workspace to help keep myself surrounded by positive energy.

Lauren M., Texas, USA

Claudia’s channeled readings through loving Angelic Beings has been a blessing in my life.  Also, her intuitive classes have given me plenty of knowledge and tools to support my Reiki practice.  I highly recommend all her products, classes, and card readings. Thank you, Claudia!

Norma G.M., Puerto Rico

I came to Claudia for help on my resume. She took what I had and created an intuitive professional resume that I was proud to present to prospective employers.  After submitting my resume to several companies, I received an immediate reply for an interview followed by a successful job offer during the COVID pandemic. 

I felt confident going into the interview and it all started with an awesome and visually catching resume. Thank you again for your help!!!!

Monica R.L., Texas USA

My resume was pretty basic with details that read more like a job ad than a true resume that explained my experiences. Claudia was able to highlight my strengths and format it intuitively in a way that was pleasing to the eye and easy-to-read. Her tips for the cover letter made it easy for me to personalize based on a specific position rather than a general one. After working with her, I received a call to apply for a position that I didn’t know existed and got an offer less than 2 weeks later. The director noted that it was ‘the best resume she had seen!

Kera M., Texas USA

I was looking for an eye catching, yet professional resume and Claudia delivered exactly what I was looking for!   I definitely would recommend Claudia as an intuitive professional resume writer and amazing interview coach.  

I found myself, like millions of others, out of work due to the COVID pandemic, but my skills showcased in my new resume have afforded me multiple interviews and job offers with Claudia’s guidance.

She is easy to work with, listens and provides great feedback, I highly recommend her services.

I am a forever client!

Tausha C., California USA

I can’t thank Claudia for enough for the amazing classes she has held, as well as the safe place she provides for us to practice our senses. I have learned so much with the different techniques that she has shown us in class. I have become more in tuned with my spiritual self, as well as, learning that my children are gifted. I love the amazing one-of-a-kind crystals bracelets that she makes. I wear them daily. In my household we use the healing sprays a lot from the ‘Angels on my Body’ for my children to her ‘Good Vibe’ spray and the ‘Abundance & Prosperity’ spray.

Laura L., Texas USA

Claudia is awesome! She’s an extremely talented intuitive. Her gifts are extraordinary! She has a calm and pleasant personality. You’ll be amazed by her card reading and the information she receives. The healing sprays she makes are wonderful and her gemstone jewelry is lovely, I have several. Open your heart and give her an opportunity to guide you, you’ll be glad you did.

Rosa V., Texas USA

Since attending Claudia’s intuitive development classes I have become more confident in myself. I’ve learned to be independent, self-aware, and better at expressing myself. From taking her classes, I have learned how to pay attention to my intuition and how to react to my surroundings. 

She has helped me identify that the emotions that I’m feeling are not mine but others’ energy around me. I’ve learned that some of the random things that happened to me [for example, feeling my hair being gently pulled or finding a spider] has been a playful way that my son [in Spirit] is letting me know he’s around, which brings me great comfort. I love wearing her hand-crafted channeled crystal bracelets. Each is made with love and are personalized, no bracelet is the same. 

I also love the different healing sprays she has to offer. I use them on myself, as well as my grandchildren. Her card readings have given me lots of clarity of what I am asking or feeling at the moment of the reading. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing services she has to offer.

Elsa L., Texas USA

I am personally very skeptical when it comes to choosing services such as the ones Claudia offers. However, I do know two things, your heart can never lie to you so always listen to it, and two, if you are reading this, it is highly likely you were ‘guided here,’ nothing is a coincidence.

I have had the privilege to work with Claudia as my guide and mentor. I feel truly fortunate to have crossed paths with Claudia because you don´t meet people like her every day, so I treasure her guidance. Claudia was able to see my own internal beauty and my intuitive gifts way before I had my first glimpse at them. Claudia has been like a mirror to me and has taken the time to teach me, guide me, and coach me through the different approaches she uses, into believing in myself again and recognizing all my inner power. 

She is a great teacher and a humble individual who serves her clients with an open heart. She is generous and deeply passionate in everything she does. I genuinely believe Claudia is living her life purpose!

Laura O., Texas USA

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Claudia for only a short time, but her insight and patience has helped me dramatically over the last year.  I’ve made many adjustments to my life with her spiritual mentoring and professional resume coaching and am looking forward to a bountiful new year because of it.  I truly recommend her as an excellent source of information and inspiration.

Craig M. Texas, USA

Claudia is an amazing Spiritual Channel and Reader. Her compassion, wisdom, empathy, and respect permeate in all that she does as a Channeler and Medium. Her centeredness allows her to tap into the Highest Guidance available to you. You will connect with your BEST, MOST ALIGNED SPIRIT GUIDES through Claudia.

Shirley T., Florida, USA

Claudia Romo is someone you meet once in a lifetime. Her beautiful energy and Angelic presence makes one feel very comfortable and safe. Her Card readings are accurate and detailed. The information has made a big difference in my life. Her beautiful hand-made bracelets carry a unique energy. I wear them every day. And I never leave home without using her healing sprays. She is truly a gift from God. She is amazing!

Vanessa E., Texas, USA

I’m eternally grateful to have crossed paths with Claudia. I was already a positive and happy person but never realized I often sabotaged my wants and desires.  How can a positive person want the best for everyone else and not for themselves? Claudia immediately felt my Angels speaking to her. I’m eternally grateful for the advice she shared.

Deyis V., Texas, USA

I want to leave testimony of the service that Claudia Romo from Inner Insights. It has changed the way we work by taking her classes in learning to read our personal cards, create vision boards, cleanse our spaces and how to use my crystals. As much for our personal good as for our business. The result has been excellent!! Thanks to the way she has taught us to manage our intuition and make a vision of everything we can achieve.

As for the healing sprays and crystal jewelry, it is made with the highest quality materials which help us create and improve the energy to be successful in everything we want to do.

Thanks, Claudia, for everything we have achieved and what is coming!

Lorena R., México

My experience with Claudia’s readings is that they are true and on-point. I like her sincerity, the way she always looks out for the client, is always there when you need her and is never rushing or counting your minutes. She is an incredibly talented reader and a beautiful soul that always calms me at my worst moments.

Karina RF., Texas, USA

I had an amazing experience! My card reading with Claudia was truly comforting and calming. I so needed it! She is an amazing soul with such a great gift. I don’t ever hesitate to refer Claudia to anyone, she is special. So, if and when you decide to contact her you will not regret it… she truly is amazing. This is my honest opinion about my experience with Claudia. May God always bless you!

Von Von A., Texas, USA

When I was at my lowest, Claudia helped me see the situation for what it was. The angelic card readings and Vision Board class helped guide me in the right direction. Her advice on how to bring abundance to me worked and still is working!  Everyone around me can’t believe how lucky I am.  I am still experiencing on-going miracles!  Claudia is the best!  She uses God’s light to guide her.

Cindy G., Texas, USA