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Intuition & Spirits

The Lights Are Flickering: What Does This Mean?

There are two main spiritual reasons why lights go out or flicker. It could be a Spirit or it could be your own energy after a spiritual awakening.

When it’s a one-off situation, if lights are flickering around you, it?s usually a Spirit.

If the electrical light activity has started after a spiritual awakening, it could be your energy drawing it in, and it can diminish after you adapt to the energy or learn to ground it.

Below we?re going to discuss the two most common spiritual reasons why lights flicker and why light bulbs go out.

Spirit is Trying to Communicate

You could have a spirit around who wants to communicate.

If you’ve already checked the electrical wiring, and you notice unusual electrical light activity, light bulbs can flicker and go out right after someone passes. This happens as a means to get our attention.

Light flickering when communicating with spirits or lights coming on and off for no reason, and you could have a spirit person who is attempting to reach you.

Flickering, Flashing or Blown Out Light Bulbs

Spirits can work with the pre-existing lights around you to get your attention. Rather than creating light by harnessing energy to be made visible, many of those in Spirit choose to join their energy with the energy of electronics.

Once tapped in, they can add to the light or decrease the light to the area to get your attention.

However alarming or awe-inspiring, most Spirits who attempt this can do it without causing significant permanent damage to your physical devices. The reason why Spirit will blow out a light is due to a large amount of energy coming in, their presence can trip bulbs, breakers, and even instruments.

If you sense it is a Spirit visiting you this way, most people intuitively are entirely accurate at guessing who it is.

Communicate with Spirit Through Light Bulbs

You can ask the energy to talk back through using the lights, waiting 30-60 seconds between questions for a response.

To know if it?s a departed loved one or another entity in Spirit, I suggest you directly contact the Spiritual Being in your mind by asking the question, “Who is this?” Then empty your mind of doubt and soon enough a face and name will come to you. Trust what you get.

Once you establish communication, ask ?Yes or No? questions of your Love One or the Spiritual Entity.  I like to establish communication rules like: blinking a light once is a ?Yes? and blinking a light twice is a ?No.?

Spiritual Awakening Can Make You a Conduit

The second interpretation is that you could also be a high energy source.

For people with a strong connection to the world of Spirit, they can act as portals between the Physical and the Spiritual realms.

Once you open your gifts, you can become a strong, energetic generator and can affect instruments and devices around you.

Blowing out the lights is common for those who are high energy generators, but have not yet learned how to contain their energy or they ‘over-generate’ energy.

The spiritual meaning of light bulbs blowing could be a sign that your energy is affecting and charging the space around you.

Electrical activity increases are a common occurrence amongst highly empathetic people.

It is also among those who have mediumistic abilities. Especially when you’ve just gone to your next level spiritually, for example, you’ve received an energy attunement.

Surges of emotional or even body energy can create an influence on other things that operate on energetic waves around you.

Say you recently had an energy attunement, you now have powerful, divine energy flowing down through your body from the spiritual realm.

It is like having a lightning bolt surging through you, and it takes time to learn to manage it.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to the triggering event – sometimes, the death of a loved one will initiate it, and you then usually have communication. Sometimes light flickering is spiritually related to an energy awakening in us.

A catalyzing spiritual event or a series of small events that led to spiritual awakening could create a rise in your consciousness and your level of openness to The Spirit World.

This can cause you to generate a lot of energy and become a conduit, and create a response in the devices and people around you. It can also attract Spirits.

With Love and Light,

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Comments (3)

  1. JoshuaDaniel
    May 23, 2023

    Hi since a kid I’ve been told that I hope one key of what’s the transpire in the future and on many occasions I’ve been able to make lights flicker especially during what I’m angry other than that I’ve been told that I am pretty much like the second coming of Christ or whatever they want people want to see it like somehow somebody are saying that I am that one I believe in spiritual world and I know it’s real I’ve done seeing things that no one can even speak of I’ve been through hell and back other than that please write to me I’d like to see what you know

  • claudia
    June 6, 2023

    Hi Joshua. Thank you for sharing. It seems you may have the psychic gift of telekenesis or the ability to move or flicker light. Continued blessings to you! Thank you for reading my Blog.

  • Shane
    June 9, 2023

    Lights were flickering all day around me at raley’s there was a bright one pointing straight down on me blinking I left I go to the pet store same thing, I get home my porchlight was, I go out to call my cat and the flashlight was… I just started making some HUGE career changes going from being a company guy to getting my own GC. I wonder if I’m currently radiant.

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