Rose Quartz + Amethyst + Citrine Bracelet


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These Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine mixed crystal bracelets are an incredible triad of gemstone energies. Wear this piece of adornment for a powerful flow of love, prosperity, and divine clearing to enter your life. Not to mention how beautiful each bracelet is; the gemmy gold, pink, and purple light is subtle, almost translucent. Rose Quartz is famous for attracting love, and is used when it comes to healing one’s heart from painful and disappointing love experiences. No other crystal is as skilled as rose quartz in helping one dissolve painful memories related to love. Amethyst, known as the ?stone that heals?, is a semi-precious stone which has been known since ancient times to contain mystical properties of healing and spirituality. It’s also believed to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Amethyst is said to help one sleep well and have the necessary amount of peaceful rest. Citrine is the gem of financial windfall, business development, and prosperity. This stone of abundance activates our seat of inner power and strength and ignites your force of will, helping you to manifest and maintain the mental clarity needed to stay focused on your intentions and overcome obstacles. This bracelet is available in 1 Crystal Bead size to fit older children/teens and adults. Length and size of bead of each bracelet is as follow: 10mm=7 in.-7.5 inches round.

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