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How to Savor Life’s Delicious Moments

To savor means to give ourselves to the enjoyment of this very moment, this season, this time.

Savoring does not come naturally to me. So many times, my brain is so full of things to do, places to go, blogs to write, clients to talk to, things to remember that I can?t even begin to stop, savor, or enjoy.

Yet, beneath it all, there is a deep desire to enjoy, to savor the moments of my days. I want to find as much joy in my day and to savor all of the abundance already flowing to me and through me. Don’t you?!

Benefits of Intentional Savoring

There are moments that I try to hold onto as long as I can while I?m in them, moments I still ponder with deep gratitude.

I?m thinking of the feeling I get when I stand on a cliff in the red dusty vortexes of Sedona, high above the mountain cliffs with the sun beaming down on me, behind me expansive and glittering dusty red orange in a way only Sedona can be ? a leap of the heart and a sudden intake of breath, a sheer delight and wonder at the world around me.

I believe that enjoying what you have can help you to appreciate what you’ve got rather than lamenting what you don’t have.

Being able to savor the moment with loved ones can bring a stronger connection and sense of appreciation, which leads to better quality relationships.

Ways to Seek Out Wonder and Delight in Every Moment

1) Make Time to Savor. Make time to give yourself over to the things going on around you.

2) Take Time to Savor. Don?t just make time and then hurry it up to get to the next thing on your list. Slow down. Take the time you need to build memories. Breathe it in. Soak it up. Savor every bit of what you are experiencing. Practice active savoring with your morning coffee or tea. Engage all of your senses. Smell the flavor, feel the liquid on your tongue, is it warm, cold, textured? How does this intentional moment of savoring make you feel?

3) Allow Yourself to Let Go. Be able to let go of things that keep you from savoring the moment, the day, the event. Whether it?s the distraction of your cellphone or outside demands, figure out how to let go of those things for a time so that you can give yourself fully to intentional savoring.

4) Think Ahead. Savoring isn?t an end of the day decision to enjoy what has already happened. Think ahead. Plan to savor, enjoy, and engage. Every moment is an opportunity to remind yourself to be present in this very moment and time.

5) Don?t Jump Ahead. Don?t borrow from tomorrow, savor today. Right now, this very moment is perfect just as it is. As you savor the moment, you give yourself permission to notice the little things that can make a day special?the smile of a friend, the kindness of a stranger, the beauty of a sunset, the gift of another day of life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored as it is lived.

With Love and Light,


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