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Candle Magick

Easy Candle Ritual to Attract Love to You

Hello!  In this post I’m sharing one of my Favorite Candle Rituals to attract LOVE to you. You can also activate one for the person you are already in coupled with. Just remember that everyone has freewill. If you impose your freewill on another person by trying to make them love you when they don?t, know that you take on the Karma tenfold.


So, if you are already in a partnership, you can ask that you continue to love each other unconditionally and with romantic love, that you both embody healthy and harmonious passion towards each other, that you both enjoy mutual sexual desire for one another in the most benevolent way for both etc. Ask that you both participate in the intention of your love request so that we honor each one?s freewill. Asking for things like making them love you more or love you exclusively infringes on freewill. Asking that they return to you if you have broken up infringes freewill. You can do it; you always have the freewill. But understand that you choose to accept the karmic energy of the choices you make. Having said that, this is a great Spiritual Practice that attracts LOVE to you. Ask for LOVE with the highest intention and you have nothing to worry about!


1. White seven-day candle. You can get these at a local botanica or most large chain stores in the candle section, and you can also use any unscented white candle.
2. Lighter.
3. Cinnamon, rose petals (dried preferred), honey (if you?re vegan, you can use simple syrup or agave nectar).
4. Bowl of water (for the candle to sit in).
5. Sheet of paper and pen.


1. Do what you need to do to feel good in your body. It could be dance or other movement that feels good or taking a walk. It doesn?t have to be sensual. Basically, do this candle ritual when you?re in a good mood.
2. Next, write out your desires or intentions for love. Trust your intuition. Take the paper and fold it toward you into a couple squares until it?s flat enough to sit under the candle. Maybe seal your intentions with a little kiss on the paper.
3. Think about your desired intentions. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon and dried petals on top of the candle and one or two dollops of honey in the candle. Make sure you keep them away from the wick, so they don?t get burned. It?s okay if it gets a little messy. It?s all about intention.
4. Optional step: As you think of your intentions and speak them at the candle, rub the outside of the candle with any oil you have handy, like a scented oil or a diluted essential oil.
5. Take your bowl and fill it with water, enough to cover the bottom of the candle. Place your intentions under the bowl.
6. Sit the candle in the water and light it.
Place it somewhere it can remain undisturbed. Call on your guides, spirits, ancestors, or whomever you feel drawn to and ask them to assist your intention of attracting love into your life.


Let the candle burn out (safely). If you need to blow out the candle during the day, if you?re uncomfortable leaving it burning, or if you have pets or small children, just relight it once you get home or it?s safe to do so. Discard the candle once it?s burned out. It?s okay to throw it in the garbage. Thank the candle for assisting you before you do. You can leave your intentions on your altar or put them somewhere sacred in your home. Note any shifts in energy or changes in your life over the next few months.
With Love and Light,
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