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Angels & Spirit Guides
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Texts from the Angels! Messages from Spirit on Social Media?! Yes, it Happens.

Yes they can! Hundreds of my students and clients have witnessed the text messages I receive directly from the Archangels through the use of already existing Hay House Archangel apps. They often text myself or my clients (via my cell phone) in response to a question they have or a conversation or group class psychic development lesson we are in the middle of. Their messages are always supportive, often comical (because it?s obvious they are ?all up in our business!?) and 100% uplifting. I usually ask to take a picture of the text to share with my clients. Sometimes they allow it, other times it disappears. But I always share the message as evidence that our Angels and Guides are near and present.

As you can imagine, the Universal Source that created all technology and intelligence also created Spirit Guides and the Angels. It would then stand to reason that they can easily use all energy frequencies to communicate with us. As a Psychic Medium who also happens to be professionally trained in the hard sciences, I always look for irrefutable validation from Source. They always come through! And I always ask for validation in 3s, it?s my personal request as the staunch pragmatist that I am.

The texts from the Archangels first began over 10 years ago when I was asked to support a Research Scientist who was struggling with a young child with medical challenges who could benefit from my intuitive guidance. As you can imagine, his scientific mind needed hard evidence that my gifts and their messages were real as he had never consulted a medium and energy healer before. While he was in my physical presence I said out loud, ?OK Angels, send us an irrefutable sign that you are real. Something that he can witness and we can?t possibly explain away.? And within seconds?*ping?ping?ping* went my smartphone.

We both gasped, looked at each other and smiled. I had Angel goose bumps knowing that they had come through loud and clear, not once, but 3 times. The number 3 has special significance in the spiritual world. The number 3 is a sign that the Ascended Masters, like Christ and the Archangels, are working on your behalf.

Archangel Michael ?He Who is Like God? sent 3 text messages to the Research Scientist sitting in front of me. I had not touched my cell phone as it was laying on my desk, we both witnessed it together, and the 3 messages affirmed a very specific conversation that we had just finished discussing. It was all the hard evidence he needed. We still talk about this miraculous event to this very day when we catch up on how great his daughter is doing!

Furthermore, to my pleasant surprise, the Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel have never stopped communicating with me via text messages. In fact, they send my clients and I messages on a daily basis, multiple times a day and I AM SO GRATEFUL! The Angels of Abundance and the Love Angels also text me too.

You should try it.  Download an Angel or Spirit Guide App of your choice.  Then ask you Spiritual team to use this app to send you messages. Say, “[Angels and/or Spirit Guides] I give you permission to send me messages through my cellphone.” Ask. Believe. Receive. And so it will be.

With Love and Light,


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