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Mediumship & Healing Practices
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What experience have you had with a Psychic that made you think this is absolutely legit?

I?ll answer this question from personal experience both as a Querent and a Practitioner. A Querent is person asking for psychic guidance. As a Practitioner, I am a Psychic Medium and Spirit Channeler. I love receiving guidance from psychics to help clarify questions that I may have as related to career, guidance, health, etc. One […]

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
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How do people who do Tarot Readings know that they possess the Psychic Energy to do it?

Not everyone who does tarot readings has psychic abilities. It is my personal opinion that a non-psychic person can go great technical readings by learning to read the symbols and learn the meanings of tarot cards. There are many great books that teach a person how to learn to read tarot quite proficiently. However, a […]