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What is Clairvoyance? 9 Signs You May Be Clairvoyant

Everyone can form an educated opinion on what’s going to happen in the future. You might even say you “know 100 percent” how something is going to end. But having excellent skills in prediction and knowing a subject well enough to “predict the future” is still not the same thing as clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is quite the opposite. It’s when someone seems to have special insight into future events when they have no previous experience or knowledge base to fall back on. The information seems to come from the “divine”, or at least some kind of supernatural ability to perceive future events.

Usually, when one sees evidence of clairvoyance, their first reaction is, “There’s no way you could have known that.” Imagine a magician of the mind – someone who can pull out your secret memories like a card. Or someone who knows the future as if it’s a movie they have already seen a few times.


Clairvoyance is the extrasensory ability to see objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing. It is one of the major psychic abilities and means “Clear Seeing.” This psychic ability allows you to tap into the knowledge of your soul, and the collective knowledge of all souls of the universe, including those of the past and those not manifested yet.

If you are clairvoyant, you’re able to receive intuitive information through colors, images, visions, dreams, and symbols. This “inner seeing” is very subtle most of the time and will typically happen within your mind’s eye.

You’ve probably experienced Clairvoyance manifesting itself in some way during your life but didn’t recognize it for what it was!

It might be that you discredited your clairvoyant abilities as a daydream, wandering of the mind, wishful thinking, or your imagination.

It’s not strange that you confused your clairvoyant abilities with imagination or wandering of the mind. This is actually quite common!

Our intuitive abilities manifest from the same side – the right side – of the brain that houses our creative centers, including imagination. And this imagination carries the seeds of clairvoyant visions and shapes.

They’ll manifest in the same way as other creative and free expressions of your soul – with imagery.


Clairvoyance doesn’t always rise up and make its first appearance in a dramatic way. You might not have an extensive dream or clear vision.

Usually, it’s much more subtle than that and there are many clairvoyant people walking around this world who don’t even know they have this super-cool psychic gift. Are you one of them? Let’s find out!

Here are the 9 most common signs that you could possess clairvoyant psychic abilities. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be able to say “yes” to all of these to be a clairvoyant psychic.


Do you see glittering lights, floating shadows or colored dots in the air? Stop thinking you’re going crazy, actually far from it – you’re just gifted!

Flashes of light and color often serve as a sign that Higher Spirits, those in heaven, or other members of your spiritual team are around you. A Spirit can be looking for your attention to relay important information. You might see:

  • Floating orbs or colored dots in the space around you.
  • Shadows that seem like they are floating in the air.
  • Glittering or flashing lights in the space around you.
  • Movement and twinkling lights in the corners of your eyes.

The idea of Spirits might scare you, but there is nothing to be frightened about. Guidance from Angels or Spirit Guides will normally be delivered with love, and people experience this guidance as useful, valuable, and fun.


Are you often wandering off into your own thoughts? Do you daydream and “zone out” many times a day? Do you frequently imagine things in your head almost to the point that you are living inside your head instead of out in the real world?

If so, this can be a sign that you are clairvoyant, as this is extremely typical. It is because clairvoyance has to do with seeing and visualization is a huge part of that!

That’s why clairvoyants can imagine themselves in other situations and such visualization comes naturally to them.


If you are having dreams that feel so real to you, you have what’s called vivid dreams. These dreams are very bright with color and are so close to reality that you can pick out which is which.

I’ve found that clairvoyants are very visual people, their sight is extremely active, even in sleep. That’s why you tend to experience frequent and/or vivid dreams if you’ re clairvoyant.

Sometimes, these dreams may be visions or tell a story that provides insights on what is happening in real life.


Do you love going to a museum to look at beautiful art? Are you incredibly moved by sculptures, flowers, and other physical objects? Are you drawn to a career like graphic designs or photography?

You might assume that everyone does, but this isn’t so. Some people are much more attracted to aesthetics than others. Some love art while others couldn’t care less about a sculpture or visual representations.

If you are clairvoyant, you tend to really appreciate the beautiful things in life and love creative hobbies, like painting, drawing, or photography.

This has to do with the fact that clairvoyance is strongly related to your visual senses. So if creative hobbies rock your world, it’s a sign that you might be clairvoyant.


Do you see things out of the corner of your eyes, to the point where you are actually double-checking that you didn’t just see someone? If you do and fin that there’s nothing there. These might be ‘earthbound’ spirits, floating around in space.

Earthbound spirits are the mental or emotional bodies of deceased people, who have not fully crossed over for some reason. Clairvoyants not only have the ability to see Spirit Guides but in some cases also see earthbound spirits.

This ability can be quite scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Embracing your gift will make this less of an uncomfortable situation when it happens.


As a clairvoyant, you may see different colored lights around people who you come in contact with at home, work, or in public. These are the visual manifestations of auric fields, which are composed of electromagnetic energies.

They contain a lot of information about people’s lives and will help you understand how they are feeling.

If you’re not familiar with reading an aura, this exercise will help you: let the person who’s aura you’re trying to read, sit against a white background. Next, try to relax and let your eyes go out of focus. Layers of color will start to form and will create an outline around the person’s body. What colors do you see?


Can you see in your mind’s eye how something should be so that it works properly? Are you a master in solving difficult puzzles or complicated problems? Do you easily see how different pieces fit together while others are already struggling with it for hours?

Many clairvoyants find they naturally understand how things and ideas link together and again, this all comes back to how visual those with the gift of clairvoyance are.


Do you often create entire scenes in your mind about the future? Do you have a special talent for creating new designs?

People with clairvoyant abilities have a strongly developed sense of sight. That’s why they can plan and envision things in their head and are able to see an end result even before the start of a project.


Should Siri ask you for direction instead of giving it to you? Do others so you as a human GPS?

This might be another sign that you are clairvoyant, as you can see things in a way that others can’t. Because of your strong visualization skills, travel can seem like a breeze.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see past our traditional senses. I’ve always viewed my clairvoyance as a talent or a superpower in a sense. Being able to see beyond what others perceive as reality has many benefits.

But I’ve found that with all gifts, there are drawbacks as well. Many untrained psychics and naturally talented have difficulty dealing with their abilities at first. This isn’t uncommon or something that you should be ashamed of.


Here are a few tips for the clairvoyant with newly discovered abilities:

  • Don’t doubt what you can do. Trust what you are seeing and focus on finding patterns and synchronicities.
  • Strengthen your third eye. One key to dealing with clairvoyance is honing your abilities and gaining as much control over them as possible. Doing this takes away some of the fear and anxiety that plagues the untrained psychic. This is because you’ll see most of your visions inside your mind’s third eye. Working on opening and strengthening this chakra center is critical.
  • Practice using your abilities deliberately. If you are in a place with lots of people, try to see their auras. Close your eyes and visualize flowers, numbers, and other objects. When you see a Spirit or orb out of the corner of your eye, don’t run from it. Instead, focus on ‘seeing beyond.’
  • Meditate often. Even though this is the most practice for a clairvoyant, this tip is one that has become almost cliché. It is through meditation that all people, even those who don’t consider themselves psychic, can improve their intuition and connection to self. Do this often.  It’s better to meditate five to ten minutes each day than one hour each week.

Here’s a simple clairvoyant game you can play:

Have your spouse or a friend place 7 or 8 items on a stable surface such as a table or countertop while you are out of the room. Once everything is in place, set a timer and walk into the room. Allow yourself 10-15 seconds to study all of the items.

Walk back out of the room and try to see the picture in your mind. Jot down as much as you can remember about every object (color, size, shape, position, etc.) and see how well you did. Techniques like this will help you strengthen your ability to visualize.


This is a fun exercise that I share with my beginner psychic development students to help them identify and strengthen their individual psychic senses or dominant ‘clairs.’ I love this exercise because you can validate your psychic ability in a tangible way as you practice.

First, you need a deck of preschool shape flashcards. I prefer the ones with a simple colorful shape with the associated word underneath like the image below. You can advance to a more complex flashcard deck once you’ve mastered this deck. You can find these at any dollar store, the brand doesn’t matter.

Now, find a quiet space. Close your eyes and ask your Angels and Guides to connect with you now. You can say something like, “I now call upon my best, highest, most loving team of Angels and Guides who can assist me in developing my psychic abilities to please come in and connect with me now. I intend for the energetic practice that I’m about to do to be only if the Light. Thank you.”

It’s now time to activate your third eye. It’s located one inch above your eyebrows, right in the center of your forehead. Ask your team of Angels and Guides to draw a gold infinity sign on your third eye. You will see the gold infinity sign in your mind’s eye or feel it tingling as it activates. Some people experience a warm sensation or a vibration.

You are ready to practice! Place a card shape-side down or hold it with the shape facing away from you. Now ask your Angels and Guides to help you see, hear, taste, smell, or know what’s underneath the card. Trust what you get. Write it down on a piece a paper or in a dedicated practice journal.

Pay attention to how you get the information, this is key to figuring out if you’re a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient etc. Do you see the image or saw the word spelled out? Maybe you heard the word or the name and color of the shape? Perhaps you smelled it? Or you just knew that you knew what it was? Maybe an emotion came through- like Joy with the shape of a yellow Sun? Now flip the card over. How did you do?

Practice makes perfect. It takes dedicated action to develop your abilities. You’ll see great results as you practice and begin to trust your abilities. Your accuracy will improve immensely and you’ll be able to quantify your impressions.

Have fun and let me know in the comments how you’re doing. Enjoy!

With Love and Light,


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