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Psychic Development

What is Automatic Writing (also known as Spirit Journaling)? 3 Steps to Learn to Write.

Automatic Writing or Higher Guidance Spirit Journaling is unique in that the guidance you receive is specifically meant for you or the person you are channeling for. Although at times you might doubt the words you hear or the guidance you receive, as time progresses you will learn to trust your intuition, and the transmissions from your Spirit will become crystal clear.

I will even go so far as to say the answers will be so astoundingly accurate and pertinent that it will seem miraculous. The most important part is a willingness to open to Spirit and to trust what you get. Avoid censoring anything that comes through no matter it it doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Choose a Special Journal

Choose a special journal, one that feels sacred to you. This is, after all, a book of treasured insights of your life. Having a recorded history of your exploration is particularly helpful as you will be referring to your journal time and again for clarification.

Ask for Guidance

You can, of course, ask for guidance on any topic. Keeping a Automatic Writing Journal will give you a valuable record of answers that you can refer to and it will illuminate you. When you feel confident about your Spirit Journaling, commit to spending some time journaling for 11 Days if possible. If you miss a day here and there it is not a big deal, just continue.

How to Spirit Journal or Automatic Write

The process of Spirit Journaling is simple and involves just three major steps. Step 1: You need to determine your “Focus of the Day.” This is the topic or question that either you have selected or that your Higher Guidance wants you to concentrate on for that day. Step 2: You will probe into the Focus Topic in a series of Questions and Responses (Q&R) in an exploration. Step 3: You will determine the action to be taken using probing questions.

Be careful not to get too hung up on completing a Focus Topic in a single day. Spirit will walk you
through this at the correct pace, sometimes coming back to the same topic several days in a row, or possible weeks or months later depending on the topic. Just proceed with the pace that feels right but be sure to do this process as often as possible. It gives you a great opportunity to have a daily/weekly conversation with Spirit.

11 Focus Questions to Ask Spirit to Get You Started

To get you started, here are eleven focused questions to ask Spirit.  This will help you practice how to do Automatic Writing. Remember, trust what you get! I like to use a pen and colored markers during my automatic writing session as Spirit sometimes likes to write and others times Spirit likes to illustrate with color. Do what feels natural to you. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

1. Ask: Who your Angel Guides are? What name shall you call them?
2. Ask: Who are your Spirit Animals?
3. Ask about any messages the guides can relay about any deceased loved ones.
4. Ask: How do you achieve your best physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health? Pick one at a time.
5. Get details about your future love interest.
6. Ask Spirit to guide you in your career. What are next steps you should take?
7. Ask: What could you be doing better or differently?
8. Ask them to help you discover your passion. Ask: What could I do professionally or personally?
9. Ask: How can you increase your personal or professional finances?
10. Ask for help with Dream Interpretation.
11. Ask for ways to be more Psychic.

Probing Questions to Ask

1. Where do I begin?
2. What do I need to know?
3. What is it affecting?
4. What do I need to understand?
5. What is the purpose?
6. How is this serving me?
7. What do I do with this message?
8. What are the next steps I need to take?

Automatic Journaling is fun and helps you develop a personal relationship with your team of Angels and Spirit Guides. It’s also a great way to develop your unique psychic abilities. With so many insights and ‘Ah-ha’s’ revealed, you will probably want to make this an ongoing spiritual practice. Enjoy the journaling!

With Love and Light,


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