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Spiritual Tools
A pink altar with various objects on it including sage, paintings, and other items used by professional psychics in Dallas to help those find answers they are looking for within the universe. - Inner Insights

What is a Spiritual Altar? Ways to Create Your Own Altar.

A Little History on the Altar

The Qer’o people of the Andes (an indigenous people in the lineage of the ancient Incans) know an altar creates a portal to the heavenly realms. With prayers, intention and attention to honor the ancestors, the elementals and spirit helpers with the altar as the focal point, a column of light emanates from the heavens downward into the center of Mother Earth via the altar space. This column of light is called a Canali, and acts as a gateway for angels, guides and masters from the heavenly realms to come into your place of prayer and ceremony. They come to answer your prayers and bring blessings from the supernatural worlds of Spirit.

Altars are created and used by many peoples around the world, indigenous, religious, and vastly spiritually oriented. There is a common experience of creating sacred spaces for prayers to be focused, sent and received to and from the Divine. Native Americans, Peruvians, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, protestants, Celtic Druids, and on and on and on, find sacred objects, for sacred spaces, to set an altar to speak to Great Spirit, God, Goddess, the Divine.

Creating an Altar

Here are some ideas for items to place on your altar. Think of your altar as a sacred space to connect with Spirit and to develop your inner insights. Place items on your altar that will help you to align with your higher self. There is no wrong way to set up an altar, as it’s all personal preference. Do what feels right to you!

Items for Your Altar:

  •   Holy Water, Crystal Water, Moon Charged Water, Sun Charged Water.
  •   Pictures of Loved Ones.
  •   Statues or pictures of Saints, Deities, Buddha, the Christ. Statues of animal totems.
  •   Crystals to catalyze your intention.
  •   Tarot and/or Oracle Cards.
  •   Singing Bowls or Bells to call in the Angels.
  •   Flowers and candles as offerings.
  •   Sage, sacred tobacco, incense, corn meal, and other sacred plants are also good to have on the altar.
  •   Sacred Healing tools.
  •   Prayers, intentions, manifestations.

Making an altar and having a mindful practice of prayer, ritual and gratitude can heal your life beyond anything you can imagine. It brings peace with focus through the heart. This ancient practice of prayer and altar work anchors your prayers from earth to heaven and heaven to earth in a tapestry of woven intentions that are your heart song. Try it and discover more about yourself as a Sacred Creator dreaming your world through greater love and heart centered intentions.

Remember: What you ask and what you bless, shall be given. This or better. And so it is.

With Love and Light,


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