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Spiritual Phenomena & The Paranormal

Orbs. What are They and What is Their Meaning?

In my experience, their are two types of orbs, Angel Orbs and Spirit Orbs, as in those generated by a variety of energies. Orbs – spheres of light that are either white or feature different colors – sometimes show up in digital photographs or are seen in person by people who wonder if these beautiful spheres represent Spirit. That may be so.

Disclaimer- not every orb that happens to appear in a photograph actually represents a spiritual phenomenon at work. In some cases, orb shapes in photos are caused simply by particles (such as specks of dust or beads of moisture) reflecting light, and nothing more.

Angel Orbs are more than just simple balls of light; they’re much more complex. Viewed up close, Angel Orbs feature intricate patterns of geometric shapes, as well as colors that reveal the different characteristics in the auras of the Angels who are traveling within them. Since Angels travel to the earthly dimension through light rays, they sometimes use orbs as vehicles for their energy to travel within.

Spirit Orbs come in all different colors, sizes and shapes. They are often seen from the corner of the eye, in photographs or when it is dark. Spirit Orbs can be a variety of things including residual, elemental, earth or human energy, negative manifestations or entities, spirits, and ghosts. Although orbs are different than a human aura, a person can give off an orb under the right circumstances.

Different Colors and Even Faces

Sometimes Angel Orbs feature colors, and the colors indicate the type of energy that is present within the orb. The meaning of the colors in orbs usually corresponds to the meanings of the different Angel Light Ray colors, which are:

  • Blue (Power, Protection, Faith, Courage, and Strength)
  • Yellow (Wisdom for Decisions)
  • Pink (Love and Peace)
  • White (the Purity and Harmony of Holiness)
  • Green (Healing and Prosperity)
  • Red (Wise Service)
  • Purple (Mercy and Transformation).

In addition, orbs may feature colors beyond the Seven Angel Light Rays that are associated with other meanings, such as:

  • Silver (a Spiritual Message)
  • Gold (Unconditional Love and God Consciousness)
  • Black (Evil)
  • Brown (Danger)
  • Orange (Forgiveness).

Occasionally, people can see the faces of Spirits inside Angel Orbs. Such faces reveal clues to the emotional messages that the Angels are expressing.

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