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Angels & Spirit Guides

What are Black Winged Angels?

If seeing a Black Winged Angel, you may be in the presence of a Fallen Angel, most of the time. Sometimes, Archangel Azrael, “The Angel of Death,” can appear with darker wings. I usually see him this way when there is a high degree of sadness in the departing of a loved one.

Black Winged Angels are not necessarily evil angels but ones who embrace the duality of light. Contrary to what some believe, darkness isn’t all evil.

In my experience, some of the entities of duality can teach us to transmute lower energies like fear, sadness, evil. The lessons I’ve learned from Black Winged Angels are that “Dark is not always Evil” and “Good is not always Nice.” These are important lessons to consider as we act in the name of good or judge dark acts.

Blacked Winged Angels can teach us to be better at discernment and more cautious when acting in the name of good or judging something as evil.

Having said that, there are Black Winged entities who can appear Angel-like who are demonic or tricksters as I like to refer to them. When interacting with these entities if you choose too, make sure to call in the Christed Light for protection and discernment.

If dreaming of a Black Winged Angel, this kind of dream can be both fascinating and alarming, leaving you wondering what it could mean.

If the dream feels positive and uplifting, the angel with black wings could represent a spiritual guide or a source of inspiration that is leading you toward new horizons.

On the other hand, if the dream feels scary or threatening, the angel with black wings could be a symbol of inner turmoil or a warning of potential danger.

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