It’s Also The Season Of Harvest And Growth

The Autumn Equinox also marks the start of the harvest season, which is time to acknowledge our growth and expansion in life.

Our lives go through cycles of growth, harvest, death, and rebirth just as we see in nature and this is a time to reflect on that.

The equinox marks a slower pace of life that’s all about deep thought, gratitude and giving thanks for everything that has happened.

Thanksgiving falls in the Autumn Equinox too, which is all about celebrating the harvest, being thankful about life and making meaningful connections.

We Spend Time In Darkness And Reflection

The Autumn Equinox is very different to the spring one as this is a time when the days gets shorter and world gets darker.

In spring, the days are long and light, which signifies playfulness, pleasure and connection.

However, around a month after the Autumn Equinox, the clocks go back, bringing us darker evenings which gives us time for rest and reflection.

It signifies intimate connection, solitude and lets us give thanks. Moving away from the bright to the darker half of the year helps keep us balanced too.

Resting in autumn and winter allows us to recharge and reset and gives us energy for when the Spring Equinox arrives again.

Final Thoughts

In addition to gratitude, the Autumn Equinox is an appropriate time to consider and invite balance into your life. The idea of balance may need to be redefined as we move from the bright to the darker half of the year; what kept you balanced in the heat of summer may not work the same way on cooler days.

Balance is a constantly shifting equilibrium, and our daily routines and rituals may need to shift with the transition to a new season.

During this time, you may notice yourself naturally turning your attention from the outside world and other people to yourself, your body, your spirit, and your heart.

Take a moment to slow down and listen inwardly. Is there something your body is asking you for? Is there a project you have been wanting to begin that needs some deep focus? Is your spirit calling for quieter reflection, or to begin a new commitment?

For many of us, the idea of September as back-to-school season is deeply imprinted. Whether or not we have any engagement with school, this month marks a time to move our attention to the proverbial classroom, encouraging us to seek out learning of all kinds.

While late summer is a time for rest and enjoyment, the darker season is a time for more intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Time to go inward and prepare for the hibernation to come.

With Love and Light,


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