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Should I Consult a Psychic or a Medium? What to Expect in a Reading.

Life is one big enigma that can be overwhelming and terrifying at times. There are so many mysteries that are beyond our understanding. While some of them are minor and don’t have a huge impact on us, others can shed a huge dark cloud over our lives.

There are many reasons people make the decision to visit a psychic and many times they don’t know what to expect in a psychic reading. They may think they will tell them all about their life by just looking at them. Some people go to entertain themselves and prove to the psychic that there’s no such thing as psychic readings.

Expectations from a psychic reading or mediumship reading are usually unpredictable, but there are certain things you can expect from a psychic that will help you feel less nervous about the experience and learn a bit more about how the process goes.

First Things, First. Decide on the Type of Psychic that is Best Suited to Your Specific Needs

There are different types of psychics with different abilities, which give you the opportunity to choose the best and right one for your needs. A Psychic can advise you on your career, business, love, relationships, family, friends, and pets using many different gifts and tools. A Medium can help you connect with departed loved ones in Spirit like family, friends, lovers and beloved pets. A Psychic Medium can help with both advise in your current life and in connecting with departed souls for the healing connection with Spirit that you seek.

Whether one refers to him- or herself as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Medium, Mental Medium, Animal Medium or any other similar title, it’s all essentially the same thing—the emphasis being on talking to Spirits in the afterlife. I refer to myself as a “Psychic Medium,” there is a big difference between a psychic and a medium.

A Psychic isn’t necessarily a Medium, but a Medium is a Psychic. This is an important distinction and a good place to start, because I meet clients all the time who misunderstand the difference and confuse the two. Decide which one suits you best and consult accordingly.

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present, and future. Simply put, psychics rely on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read.

Mediums take it a step further. A medium uses his or her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present, and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person or animal. This means mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read.

To summarize, if communicating with a departed loved one is your priority, consult a Medium.  If guidance on love, career or health is your focus, consult with a psychic. If you want guidance about love, career and health and would also love to hear what Spirit has to say about it, then a Psychic Medium is your best choice.

What to Expect in a Psychic Reading Session 

A Friendly Face: Psychics understand that people who consult them are probably nervous, confused or bereaved. Especially people who consult with a psychic hoping for a guide to a dilemma they’re facing or to connect with departed loved ones. They always make sure to make their clients feel welcomed and relaxed.

The First Visit Doesn’t Always Give All the Answers: The first visit is tricky. You are nervous and have many expectations. However, don’t expect the first visit to answer all your questions or tell you all about your life. As much as you are nervous and trying to seek guidance, the psychic is trying to make sense of all the vibes and visions they are getting off you to give you accurate psychic readings that make sense and validate your reading.

You Will Be Asked Personal Questions: The whole point of going to a psychic is to go in a little deeper. So it’s only expected. A psychic needs to connect with you so that they can get clearer readings and make sense of the readings and vibes you give them. Even the best psychic will need to ask you personal questions or will ask you to validate information they are receiving to ensure they are attuned to your energy frequency.

You Can Always Ask for Clarification: Is something confusing to you? Your psychic will be more than happy to hear your questions or concerns. Your psychic will be more than willing to clarify anything in the reading you don’t understand. The more you are comfortable and trust the reading process, the clearer your vibes will be. And the more the readings will make sense to both you and the psychic.

You Can Ask Direct Questions: You may want to go to a psychic to get answers about specific things. For example, you want to know whether the person you are dating is right for you, or whether your current job is the best for you or need guidance on next steps to take in your new business venture. It can be helpful for both you and the psychic to ask direct questions so the psychic knows what to focus on. Sometimes the readings may not make perfect sense to you at the moment of the visit. But the meanings will definitely unravel soon. There will always be signs to look out for that are related to your reading.

It’s Ok to not Feel Connected to One Psychic: Sometimes you and the psychic you consulted don’t develop a connection. This is completely ok, you should not let this discourage you from finding another one. Energies and clicking with people is unexplainable. And it is absolutely okay if you don’t click with a psychic everyone recommended. It certainly doesn’t mean that something is wrong with either you or the psychic. All it means is that you simply did not click. Or that your energies were not compatible. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel a connection with another psychic. Speak up and let you psychic know you didn’t feel a connection. Ethical psychic practitioners will typically offer to refund the cost of your session partially or in full.  They may even suggest other psychics to try based on your needs and will provide you with reputable referrals.

With Love and Light,


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