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In ancient times, musicians, writers and artists used Sodalite to help inspire them to produce new work. This Sodalite bracelet helps you tap into your most authentic self and encourages you to develop that untamed material. Find your voice with Sodalite, and let your true identity shine. Sodalite Stone fills your mind, body and spirit with the energies of trust, harmony and acceptance to help you communicate more clearly. Wearing this harmonizing stone provides you with insight into the self, helping you to take a deeper look at your strengths, weaknesses and goals to bring balance. This bracelet is available in 4 Crystal Bead sizes to fit children (ages 4-6), older children/teens and adults. Length and size of bead of each bracelet is as follow: 4mm= 5 in. round, 8mm=6.5 in.-7 in. round, 10mm=7 in.-7.5 in. round, 12mm=7.5 in.-8 inches round.

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