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Whether you’re looking to enhance fertility, birth a new project or just begin again, Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. Connecting you with the energy of the divine feminine, it helps you unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you to help you become more in tune with yourself. There’s no better way to harness the energy of the moon and supercharge your intentions than with this Moonstone Crystal bracelet. By connecting specifically with the energy of the full moon, Moonstone offers an energetic boost that helps to maximize the full energetic potential of your intentions so you can manifest at a higher frequency. This bracelet is available in 3 Crystal Bead sizes to fit children (ages 4-6), older children/teens and adults. Length and size of bead of each bracelet is as follow: 4mm= 5 in. round, 8mm=6.5 in.-7 in. round, 10mm=7 in.-7.5 inches round.

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