Herkimer Diamond Crystal Point Gold Hoops

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14K Gold plated wire-wrapped earrings made with dual pointed Herkimer Diamond crystal stones. Approximately 5″ round. Enjoy wearing jewelry that is not only beautiful, it also heals and protects you.

Herkimer Diamonds are a powerful form of quartz crystal that shimmers with brilliance and clarity. These crystals have an extremely high vibration and have the ability to amplify the energy of everything around them, including your own personal energy and other crystals. Besides being stunningly beautiful and aesthetically perfect for earrings, wearing Herkimer Diamonds is also a strong way to connect with the energy of this stone. In addition to all-around healing, the Herkimer Diamond earrings aid in transforming your Money mind-set and helping you to embrace an attitude of Abundance and Prosperity in all aspects of your life.

1 review for Herkimer Diamond Crystal Point Gold Hoops

  1. Vanessa Esparza (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite pair of earrings. They’re very light weight and go with everything I wear. I’ve been receiving lots of compliments.

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