Dark Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet


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Blue Tiger Eye or Hawk’s Eye is a very soothing stone. It aids in reducing stress and anxiety while increasing a calm, peaceful feeling. Hawk’s Eye can help illuminate issues that may have been difficult for us to see. It connects us to our Third Eye, increasing our intuition and empowering our understanding of the internal conflicts that consistently distract us from achieving our desires. Blue Tiger Eye also instills a ‘Go with the Flow’ attitude, reminding us that balance and harmony is essential. This bracelet is available in 4 Crystal Bead sizes to fit children (ages 4-6), older children/teens and adults. Length and size of bead of each bracelet is as follow: 4mm= 5 in. round, 8mm=6.5 in.-7 in. round, 10mm=7 in.-7.5 in. round, 12mm=7.5 in.-8 inches round.

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