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Is there an Afterlife? Musings from My Near Death Experience.

In 2013, I had a brain aneurysm. On the 7th day of my stay in the ICU, I died. I had been in so much pain for two days prior that I kept praying for relief. My brain was swollen and my body struggled to processed the trauma.

On the day that I died, I remember that I cried all night alone in my room. It was the first and only night my parents went home to rest. I begged them to rest and let me recover without any stimulation from visitors.

It was around 2 am when I left my body. I could see myself curdled up in pain. However, the floating me, wasn’t in pain, I was at peace. Before me, I saw a tunnel of shimmering light open up. It was surrounded in beautiful pinks, purples, and silvers with a brilliant gold light at the end of it.

I remember going through the tunnel instantly. As I was traveling through the tunnel, I could see thousands of Light Beings encircling the tunnel. They whispered loving words of encouragement. I remember thinking that these were Benevolent Beings from other planets and star systems who were validating that we were not alone.

When I arrived at the end of the tunnel, I knew I had arrived to Heaven.  I heard Archangel Michael and my maternal Grandmother Bertha speak to me in acknowledgment. I could see loved ones that had departed and many other souls who I didn’t recognize but knew were part of my ancestral lineages all around me. I felt their love and support. I also heard the Seraphim singing “Holy, holy, holy.” I knew I has returned home to the Divine Love that made me, to the place where my Creator exists.

But just as I was prepared to stay, I heard my Grandmother Bertha and Archangel Michael say it wasn’t my time yet. I cried and cried not wanting to return to a body that was in so much pain and the fear of the consequences of my brain injury. But, down I went through the tunnel again back into my ICU bed. I knew I wasn’t done yet, I was being called for something more. But the reality of the pain shocked me back into existence, although it was quite diminished.  Archangel Raphael “Healer of God” stood by my bed and began to minister to me. Archangel Michael and my loved ones assured me that “All would be well.” I leaned into this message that day, and every day after as I recovered.

Of note: the next morning, my Mother (an Intuitive like me) told me she had heard me crying around 2 am and heard me telling her that I was in so much pain. My Mother stated that she woke up, then woke my Father up too, and asked if he had heard me. She said she asked my departed paternal Grandfather Reyes to help me. He assured her I would be ok and that “All would be well.”

Indeed, it took more than a few months of self-love, self-care, and recovery. All is well. I’ll never forget that experience. It changed me in all kinds of ways. I lost my fear of dying, it increased my faith in the Angels, God and in Spirit. And it was also the catalyst that catapulted me to come out of the spiritual closet as a Psychic Medium and Angel Intuitive. My experience was all part of the Divine Plan, and I am grateful for this understanding.

Here’s what I learned about the Afterlife:

  • Don’t fear death. Energy never dies, it just transforms. Our Souls live in the hereafter and it’s an amazing place.
  • When we transition, we return to Love. Only Love exists in Heaven. We are loved, indeed, We are Love.
  • We are greeted by our loved ones and our soul family. You return to your tribe in the afterlife.
  • We all have a sacred role on Earth. Embrace it, its your Divine Blueprint.
  • All is well. It’s all part of the Divine Plan.
  • Learn to embrace change. Flow, don’t force life. There is a Divine Intelligence at work that knows more than you and I ever will. Learn to trust the unfolding.

With Love and Light,




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