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Mediumship & Healing Practices

How Do Loved Ones Look in Heaven: Old, Young, Sickly or Vibrant?

As a Medium, I’ve connected with thousands of departed souls over the years both on a personal note, and a professional one. And what I’ve come to know, is that every Soul that crosses over chooses how they “show up” in spiritual form.

My paternal grandmother Bertha passed away in her late 80s but always shows up as a vibrant 55 year-old. Her hair is black and curled and her figure is curvy and youthful. At the time of her transition, she has been bed-bound for years following a series of strokes. I smell her perfume  and the clacking of her heels before I see and hear her.  She is always dressed in a form fitting dress with her make-up on and her hair perfectly coiffed.

My maternal grandfather Reyes, passed away in his late 70s from Parkinson’s Disease. When I connect with him, he appears in the body of a 40 year-old. His body is slim and strong like the rugged Cowboy he was in his hay day. Before he passed and lost the ability to speak, these were the years he most relived as he recounted his happiest memories of training and selling thoroughbreds. He still has a quiet smile and the kindest eyes. Grandpa Reyes also gives the best advice on life and is always around his adult children guarding and guiding them.

Heaven is a Place of Love & Transformation

One of the greatest fears people face when consulting a Medium is that they fear that their loved ones will still be in pain or suffering. Or that they will be confronted with anger and resentment.  That’s a rare occurrence.

I’m hear to tell you that when a person crosses over, they cross over into a place of renewal and transformation. They return to the Love that made them. They are surrounded and healed by Divine Love. In their transition, each Soul reviews their life and comes to the past life experience with a greater sense of understanding, forgiveness, accountability, and compassion.

Gone is the physical, emotional or metal anguish they may have experienced while living.  Even if a person passed away in a catastrophic or unexpected manner, they are no longer living that experience. They hold memory of it to help me connect their experience to the memory of their loved one, but they are not suffering.

The Privilege of Being a Medium

Some of my most favorite experiences is when I see Spirits show themselves as the healthiest, most attractive version of themselves.  When I deliver these experiences to my clients, there is always a sense of awe and peace… and definitely laughter as some Spirits can be quite vain in the best of ways!

And like these examples, many of the Spirits that I connect with choose how they show up. Rarely are they sickly in appearance. If they passed on from an illness, they are now resplendent. These encounters with Spirit give me and their loved ones great joy and assurance that Heaven indeed is a place of transformation.

Our privilege as Mediums, is that we were given the Divine gift of connecting to departed souls.  It is a sacred gift. We have the opportunity to bring Messages from Heaven to help earth bound loved ones heal and transition from a place of grief to one of peace knowing that while you may have lost a physical connection, you are still connected through Love. Your loved ones are only one thought away.

With Love and Light,


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