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Do Spirits Go to Their Own Funeral to See What it’s Like and Who Attended?

Yes, sometimes they do. When my maternal grandmother passed away a few years ago I attended her funeral. I saw her standing in her blue and white dress next to her casket. She was in the same dress she was wearing in her casket, but her hair was a bit darker and longer.

While it may seem creepy and weird to some, it was quite comforting to see her. She died in her late 80s after a long battle with health problems. She appeared to me as a younger and healthy 64-year-old version of herself.

It was so comforting to see her smiling and motioning to my departed grandfather who was standing beside her holding her hand. He said, “I will take care of her now.” She was also with her departed son and beloved daughter who had died traumatically at the age of 16. It gave me great comfort to know that she was at one with the Divine Love that created her. Grandmother was also with the loved ones she missed most while on Earth. It was a great comfort to pass on my vision and messages from Spirit to friends and family that all was in Divine order.

As a Clairvoyant (Spirit Seer) and Clairaudient (Spirit Hearer) Medium, this is an experience I often share with others to let them know that our energy never dies, it just transforms in beautiful and amazing ways. So, yes! People can choose to attend their own funerals. I hope you get comfort in that.

With Love and Light,


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