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Crystals and Crystal Healing

Crystals: A Career Coach You Can Keep in Your Pocket or Wear

Did someone say “Return to Office”?
As you might know, crystals are believed to transmit ~energy~, and different types of crystals are associated with different uses, like protection, healing, or encouraging self-love.
So if you’re looking for a crystal to keep on your desk at work, you need to get specific. By carrying, wearing, or placing a charged crystal in your workspace, you’re bringing in potent forces to help amplify your strengths, block negative influences, dissolve tension, and attract good opportunities and people.
Size and shape doesn’t matter: big or small, clusters or polished stones, jewelry or raw chunks. Some crystals will have an instant impact in your presence , but mostly they work ~subtly~. Used consistently over time, they make you feel good.
Look after your crystals and they will look after you. Cleansing them (of the ~messy~ or negative energy they absorb) and charging them (aka restoring their unique properties, which, like a battery, can drain over time with use) by letting them soak up the sunlight for at least an hour is the easiest and quickest way to get them in tiptop shape again.
Below are some great crystals to amplify success in the workplace. Give your work world a glow-up with these Cosmic Career Coaches.
For a Promotion Use Lapiz Lazuli
Lapis lazuli encourages you to aim high and strive for success. It will help bring you recognition and attention and maybe even fame. First, make sure you know your goals, then breathe them into your lapis lazuli to supercharge it!
For Focus and Clarity Use Raw Purple Fluorite

If you tend to overthink yourself to the point of burnout, this focus-boosting rock belongs in your arsenal. Hold it when you feel overwhelmed or frazzled, and ask to be guided toward your priority in the moment.

For Mental Self-Defense and Protection Use Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a psychic shield you need to help guard your aura from bad bosses, clingy colleagues, uncooperative coworkers, and general workplace angst. While this rock might help you out in the short term, remember, a toxic environment is more likely to change YOU than IT, so get out when you can.

For Creativity and Imagination Use Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone has an intuitive, mystical presence. It will guide your way in meditation (just place on your forehead or hold in your hand) and aid you on journeys of self-discovery. If you work in a creative field or just need help brainstorming, this is the rock for you. Sleep with it beneath your pillow to help stimulate your imaginative powers.

For Courage and Confidence Use Amber

Amber is fossilized tree resin, and legend has it that it contains the souls of tigers, bringing their power and courage to its wearer. It helps you take down the barriers you put in your own way and encourages you to become the best versions of yourself. Amber should be a permanent resident in your workplace.

For Protection from Work Rivals Use Peridot

Peridot guards against jealousy, betrayal, and low self-worth. Wear it as jewelry on your right-hand side for maximum protection or as earrings (your neck and back are the most vulnerable spots for absorbing others’ negative vibes). Peridot is your workplace ~bodyguard~ when you know there are rivals coming for your spot.

To Help You Recharge Use Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystals are all about cleansing, recharging, and just boosting your mood. In fact, they’re sometimes used to charge other crystals. Keep one by you to keep your energy up.

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