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How to Connect with Someone Through Telepathy

Communicating telepathically with someone is an extraordinarily special and spiritual experience, though it isn’t always easy.

The good news is this: if you set aside the time and learn a few simple techniques, it’s entirely possible. This post will give you some guidelines, and some signs your partner is receiving the message.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate thoughts and/or ideas by means other than the five senses. Telepathy is a non-verbal way to communicate with others.

One person may be thinking or sending a thought or image to another person, and the other person may feel or see that same thought or image.

Telepathy is a Great Tool

The great thing about telepathy is that it can be done (or practiced) by anyone.

Everyone has the ability to send thoughts and ideas to others, but not many people realize they have this ability or are doing it consciously. Like any talent or skill, you have to practice.

I suggest practicing telepathy on a partner or a family member first.

Why? Telepathy works best when you already have a connection or bond with someone, like family, friends, and romantic relationships.

You’re more likely to be telepathically communicating to them already on some level (even if you don’t realize it!).

It’s about first paying attention to the telepathy that’s already occurring between people you surround yourself with. It also gives you an opportunity to validate information you receive.

The Mental Image Telepathy Exercise

First select a partner to send telepathic messages or images to. Then, sit quietly and think of this person. Send out a golden cord to connect your mind to theirs and vice versa.

Try to imagine that they’re right next to you. Close your eyes and sense their energy as if they were right next to you. What would it feel like if they were in the room with you, or sitting right nearby?

This creates an even stronger telepathic connection between the two of you and makes it all the easier to send a message or image.

As important as it is to focus and concentrate our energy, it’s important to not try too hard. If we get too caught up in going through the motions, it’s easy to lose the organic nature of the telepathic connection.

If you’re having a bit of difficulty allowing the energy to flow free, try to clear your mind of all the tactics. It’s more important to feel the flow more than it is to focus on the techniques.

Next, select a ‘Sender’ (sends the image) and a ‘Receiver’ (receives the image).

Once connected, try imagining or visualizing a specific image like a red apple, a green tree, a yellow ball etc.

Start with simple images. Then, ask your friend or partner to tap into what you are sending. See what you get.

Maybe they won’t see a red apple, but they’ll sense things like ‘crispness,’ ‘tartness,’ or ‘red.’ Maybe they’ll get an image of a time they visited an apple orchard.

The image might not be literal. That is part of the process of unlocking how you perceive or experience telepathy.

Practice and curiosity are essential ingredients to unlocking telepathic success.

Telepathy Caller ID Exercise

Another easy way to practice to practice telepathy is to try tapping into who is calling you.

We all have caller ID, but when your phone rings, before you look at who it is, feel into it and see if you already know.

The more you play around and practice, the more you will realize you are often right!

Signs That You are Connecting with Someone Telepathically
They Tell You

It may sound obvious, but the most reassuring sign that the person is receiving your messages is that they tell you.

Of course, the manner in which they tell you can vary, perhaps even indirectly.

For instance, they could echo almost exactly the message you focused and sent to them, but not attribute it to you directly.

In any case, correlation is a big sign, and when they tell you something that is peculiarly along the lines of your message, take it as a success.

They Breach Your Dream Space

As part of a two-way street, sometimes the clearest way we learn that a particular person has received the message is because they send a message back.

Telepathy can manifest in various different ways: mood swings, identical thoughts, and even dreams.

If you find yourself not only dreaming about a specific person, but the dream echoes the sentiments of your initial telepathic message, it’s a big sign that they’ve received your message.

Congratulations are in order, you were able to harness your energy, focus it, and connect with the person. Not always easy.

You Affect Each Other’s Moods

A strong telepathic connection has various facets. When two people are connected on a deeply spiritual level, they’ll do things like affect each other’s mood.

So you’ve spent time focusing your energy, meditating, and sending them clear telepathic messages. If you affect each other’s mood frequently — without even seeing each other — it’s a big sign that your partner is receiving the message.

Non-Verbal Communication Increases

Just as you do not need to be around a person to affect their mood telepathically, the same is true for non-verbal communication.

How so?

Non-verbal communication is a big indicator of a strong telepathic connection. Since you’ve started harnessing your telepathic abilities to send messages, have you noticed an increase in your non-verbal communication?

If so, it could be a great sign that the person is receiving your messages.

Final Thoughts

Sending messages or images telepathically can be a nuanced. However, that doesn’t make it inaccessible. In fact, with a little bit of patience, diligence, and intention, you’ll be able to communicate telepathically with your intended person and rest assured knowing that they’ve received your message.

With Love and Light,


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