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Can Tarot Predict Your Future?

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m too scared to have my cards read. Tarot cards tell the future! They might tell me something I don’t want to know, like something bad is going to happen!”

Every time I hear a statement like this, it saddens me. It means that people who feel this way are missing out on one of the most powerful tools available to us as intuitive beings – the Tarot. And instead of seeing themselves as creators of the future, they’re becoming victims of the future.

One of the greatest myths about the Tarot is that Tarot tells the future. The cards will tell you exactly what will happen, no matter what.

For example, the cards might tell you that your long-term relationship will come to a crashing end, or a job offer will fall through at the last minute and you’ll be jobless for years to come. And worse, there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no escaping it!

No wonder many people are frightened to have their cards read! And some even believe that if these things are seen in the cards, then they will manifest no matter what, so it’s better not to even consult the cards so that bad things will never happen.

The trouble is, these kinds of beliefs assume that as a human being, you have no free will and that the future is set in stone. No matter what action you take, your fate has already been decided for you, down to the most minute detail.

Does that feel right to you? It certainly doesn’t for me. But Tarot can predict what could happen based on your present circumstances.

And it can show you what action to take now to manifest your goals in the future. If you love what you receive, take action to stay on course. If the information that comes through is challenging, then take action to course correct.

For example, say you want a harmonious relationship with your beloved but the Tarot cards indicate destructive arguments in the near future. You have a choice. You could give up there and then and end the relationship in anticipation of these foreseen arguments because you believe they will happen no matter what.

Or, you could say, “You know what? I hate arguments. What could I do to avoid the arguments? What responsibility do I have in causing this disharmony?”

In summary, Tarot won’t create your future for you – it’s completely up to you. But it can give you great guidance and detailed insights to help you make the decisions that best align with you in this moment in time.

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