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Can Babies See Spirits? A Psychic Medium Explains.

If you’ve ever seen a baby stare off into an empty space and smile suddenly at what appears to be nothing, or wave at something or someone invisible to you like they’re seeing their bestie, you’ve probably asked yourself this haunting question: Can babies see ghosts?

Many who believe in Spirits say that babies do, indeed, have a unique ability to see them. I believe that we all have the ability to experience Spirits. When you see your baby interacting with something that doesn’t appear to really be there, you may question whether or not they are seeing something you’re not.

Why Do Babies See Spirits?

Young children don’t necessarily have an increased ability to see, just innocence that allows them to experience Spirits without bias or filters. They haven’t been taught that you ‘can’t see ghosts,’ or there’s no such thing as ghosts.’ 

Because they have no limiting beliefs or blocks, they experience these types of Spiritual connections naturally. If your baby is interacting with a spirit, they likely won’t be scared. But, it can be strange and perhaps even frightening as a caregiver to see a baby reacting to something they don’t understand.

In addition to the childlike innocence that allows babies and young children to be more open to accepting the image of a spirit, their ability to see a spirit is likely perceived as normal by them. Many babies see spirits because they are still disconnected from the logical physical world but entirely open to the world of spirit. They don’t see things as belonging or not belonging, but instead just observe.

To a baby, a spirit is simply part of the picture. Animals and babies both accept what they see and respond in similar ways. If you see your baby interacting, smiling, or looking in a certain direction, they may be seeing a spirit, and often will giggle and smile if the spirit is a positive one.

How Might a Baby React to a Spirit?

If your baby is interacting with a spirit, they likely won’t be scared, but it can be strange and perhaps even frightening as a parent to see a baby reacting to something they don’t understand. We as humans find anything scary that we don’t understand, but babies don’t judge things as adults do. If an experience feels unpleasant, a baby may cry without understanding what they see.

A baby could see any type of spirit, so I tell clients to watch the child and see how they react. If the child is happy, safe, and relaxed, then you most likely have a benevolent spirit watching out for them. If the child is scared, crying or irritated, then it’s time to ask that Spirit to ‘Leave this space right now, you’re not allowed here!’

My Experiences with Babies Seeing Spirit

I’ve had many experiences with children seeing Angels and Spirits. From seeing their departed Grandparents to interacting with their Guardian Angels and Animal Spirits; the experiences are always beautiful and full of awe. I myself saw Spirits regularly and played with them as a child as if they were my best friends. In fact, the Archangels were my closest friends before I went to school and made new ones/ My earliest concrete memories of interacting with Spirits are when I was 4 years old, but my parents report that I cooed at Spirits since I was a baby playing in my crib.

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