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Can Aliens incarnate as Humans, as is the case for Starseeds? Learn about Earth’s Extraterrestrial Races.

The short answer is, yes! For many millennia, Aliens or as I like to call them, High Ascension Beings, have incarnated as human beings here on Earth.

As a Psychic Medium, I’ve channeled many High Ascension Benevolent Beings or Aliens to teach me about their civilizations so that I can better support the Starseeds in my spiritual practice. These High Ascension Beings typically speak telepathically. They use Light language (beautiful symbols I can’t always understand) to communicate. I can hear different dialects when they speak. Their languages are beautiful to the ear.

What I’ve learned (and this is my personal experience only!!) is that there are ‘12 Lighted Domains’ as they call them that are major star systems. Members from each of the domains form the Cosmic Council of 12. The council is made up of Elder Ambassadors from the 12 Lighted Domains and serve as Leaders in the Interplanetary Confederation of Love and Light.

Below are the names for each domain or major star [alien] system race that I’ve learned about: Alcyone, Aldeberan, Andromeda, Arcturus, Lyra, Mercury, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, Jupiter, Vega, and Venus.

Arcturians are known for their light technology, Sirians are known for their libraries and Pleiadians are known for their work with life forms and nature spirits.

I personally have a primary Spirit Guide who is a Pleadian. They assist me in connecting with the right teachers from the right domains for each of my students/clients. To date, I only mentor Starseeds, so I’ll focus my attention of them.

Starseeds are highly advanced spiritual beings and souls living a human experience on Earth. They originated from distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies, typically far from Earth.

A Starseed is someone who knows that they are a multidimensional being and that there is more to life than we see here on Earth. A multidimensional being is someone who knows that they are made up of more than just mind and body. Some people come in with this knowing, the seed of remembering within them already active. Others awaken to it. Many people who resonate with being a Starseed have significant awakening experiences from a young age.

Once they’re awake, most Starseeds find it extremely hard to have meaningless conversations, jobs, and relationships. They know that they’re here for a reason and they can find how slow people and systems are to change, frustrating.

Many Starseeds confess to feeling extremely different – as if they don’t fit into the world.  They may also have a remembering of some other place without quite knowing what or where that place really is. They long for a place or people to support them in feeling more ‘at home.’

Because some Starseeds feel so ‘different’, they often spend part of their lives trying to fit in or being in some form of spiritual or other ‘closet.’ However, trying to fit into a box goes against who they are from a soul perspective. 

Over time the more they do this, the more isolated, unseen, and alone they feel. As they embrace their uniqueness and show the world who they are, the easier it is for their people to find them and for them to create a life that’s in alignment with who they are from a soul perspective. The more they hide themselves, the more alone and not at home they’ll feel.

I believe that the reason Starseeds incarnate on Earth is for their souls to experience being in a human body, and to receive the lessons and soul growth that comes with that experience.

Some souls are here to grow personally, some are here to assist the growth of humanity, and some souls are here for both reasons—this is what I call having a double mission. They have actively chosen to be here now, at this pivotal moment in history, to influence the outcome of the time in which we’re living.

And I for one, am so grateful they are here and that I get to be a Wayshower to guide and support their unique spiritual journey and spiritual development.

With Love and Light for my Starseeds,


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