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Psychic Development

Being Psychic or a Medium, Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

As a Psychic Medium I love to help others grow a connection to their soul and to those loved ones who have transitioned. So for me, it’s a Blessing.

As a psychic, I tune into the aura that surrounds a person, we all have an aura. The aura is the energetic field that surrounds us. Some psychics see the aura’s colors and some like me can both see and feel the person’s aura. An aura can tell you many things, including how that person is feeling, what they might have gone through or what they are currently going though.

Then I do something a little different. I look to the Divine, their Angels, and Spiritual Guides to tell me what’s going on, so I can give guidance and maybe a little help with a person’s soul’s journey.

When offering guidance, the person receiving the information always has free will. Having that free will lets them make your own decisions. We as psychics are just telling you what we see and might offer some options through different divination tools like card readings, channeling messages or pendulum readings etc.

It’s so rewarding to give a person tangible options to help make tough life decisions. I always say that it’s like getting Life Coaching directly from Spirit. Psychics are just the Messengers.

My mediumship is connecting people here on earth to people who have lost loved ones that have transitioned. Doing both psychic readings and mediumship is my true passion. My passion for mediumship comes from a place of validating that we go on living and that the bond between our loved ones is never broken.

It’s also such a humbling experience to witness the love and healing that can transpire when you connect the living with those in Spirit. To witness love, reconciliation, forgiveness, laughter, remembrance, and/or peace is something that I am always grateful to be a part of. I cry, I laugh, I grieve; but in the end, I witness and heal.

Are there drawbacks to doing this work? There can be. When I came out of the psychic mediumship closet some work colleagues, family, and friends actually backed away from being around me and others just don’t talk about what I do.

It’s because it can be a little scary for some. There is so much misinformation and mean judgment out there that it can be confusing and terrifying to make your gifts known. With psychic mediumship becoming more accepted and with popular TV shows demystifying the process, people are starting to feel a little safer.

That’s why I write on Quora, Blog on my website and post in other social media platforms. My goal is to demystify the process and personalize psychic and mediumship abilities in the context of my own experience and the experience of those like me.

Is there a drawback to these gifts? I think the good greatly outweighs the bad. If you are able to help others with their grieving or make their life’s journey a little easier then why not help? We are all here to help each other in some way. And if it offers a blessing, then why not have the courage to step out of the spiritual closet. People are going to judge you no matter what. Let your good deeds be the reply to their criticism. I know I’m helping others. I’ve witnessed lives transform for the better. This makes the bad seem less daunting. Focus on doing good and the Universe will always have your back.

Do I see negative creepy things? My answer would be, you can if that’s what you choose to let in. We have dominance here on Earth. If you don’t care to see the scary stuff, set your intentions of only letting useful information, that would be helpful, and that only loving spirits of the Light come to you.

Saying a prayer of intention and protection before you start to work is always a good idea. If this work is being done with the best intentions, know that protection is always there for you.

So in summary, I [Claudia] am a Psychic Medium. I feel so blessed to have been given the gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. May I use these gifts to do all the good I can do.

And if you’re an intuitive like me, welcome to the Inner Insights Tribe! You are loved and appreciated.

With Love and Light,

If you would like to develop your own psychic, mediumship or psychic mediumship abilities, Claudia can coach you. Book a Development Coaching Session with Claudia by clicking this link: https://innerinsights.shop/en/development-coaching-sessions/



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