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8 Tarot Cards That Best Represent Pregnancy

Many people consult with the tarot for questions about a pregnancy, the possibility of future conception or to get guidance on fertility matters. The topic of pregnancy is a great topic to ask the tarot for clarity.

Here is a list of Tarot cards with its attendant descriptions which may predict pregnancy in a tarot reading.


Of all tarot cards which indicate pregnancy, The Empress card is clearly the most prominent one. The fact that The Empress’s main meaning is that of pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth makes it an obvious pregnancy card.

Sometimes, The Empress card can represent a want to have a baby, so if you’re wanting to be pregnant, this desire can manifest as The Empress. It is best if you have The Empress, plus the other cards listed below to confirm a positive pregnancy outcome.


If you have wanted a child but have had trouble conceiving, then The Sun card is a positive omen. I often read The Sun card as representing children which you have always wanted to have but have yet to come into your life.

I usually see The Sun when women have had some type of help with conception. For example, fertility treatment or a change of lifestyle. That’s not to say that you will need to go through these things in order to have a child but it does mean that, if you have, The Sun card is a good sign.


The Star of the Major Arcana of the tarot is one of the cards that are most definitely related to pregnancy. It is a card that represents hope and renewal. And this particular card is most relevant to pregnancy when it comes to a couple finally getting the best news possible after struggling with infertility.

This card follows the Tower in the deck which is the card that represents shake-ups and upsets. The Tower in this situation would be that the couple has been facing fertility issues. However, once the Star shows up, then that card is a great one to see as this one has been associated with the couple’s biggest desire – a baby of their own.


The Moon in the Major Arcana is a card that is mysterious in nature. And it can most definitely represent fertility and pregnancy when it comes to a conception happening at an unexpected time, or an unknown time. In fact, this card is a strong representation of a situation where a couple has been struggling with infertility and all of a sudden they find out that there is a bun in the oven. Especially without any fertility intervention.

If they were unable to conceive for a long time, and pregnancy shows up, they will be happily surprised and wondering how it happened based on their situation. That sums up the Moon card!


Traditionally, Aces are good indicators of pregnancy. Aces symbolize the ‘seeds of conception’ and The Ace of Wands card falls into this camp. I wouldn’t always predict that the Ace of Wands alone represents pregnancy, but if you pull it by itself or it appears with other pregnancy cards, then it does.

If you’re hoping for a boy you’re in luck! The Ace of Wands card is a phallic symbol and often signals the birth of a male. So, if you get a positive pregnancy test, chances are you’re carrying a boy.


While the Ace of Wands card predicts the birth of a male, the Ace of Cups card predicts the birth of a female. The Ace of Cups card is symbolic of the womb, hence why it can represent girls. Not only that, but because The Ace of Cups often represents new love and emotions, these interpretations also makes it a good candidate for pregnancy and child birth.

Also, in general The Ace of Cups is a card which symbolizes a time of increased fertility. Because it is a fertility card, it is a good omen for pregnancy whether it appears in the future, outcome, or present positions.


The Queen of Cups of the Minor Arcana is the tarot that is very similar to the Empress. It represents a mother, a nurturer, protector of her family, a happy home, and can most definitely show up as well when there is a bun in the oven.

When this card is paired with other cards that have been noted such as the Empress, the Ace of Cups or Wands, or the Three of Cups, then it is quite clear as to what that message is. In a case like that, it could mean you are having twins or more.


Finally, the Page of Cups card is another traditional pregnancy, fertility and childbirth card so it makes the list for the Tarot cards which predict you are pregnancy positive. While all Pages can technically represent children, the Page of Cups is especially associated with them for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the Cups suit are most likely to be indicative of pregnancy because Cups are the suit of love and family. This teamed with the fact that Pages can be children is why, of all Pages, the Page of Cups is most likely to predict pregnancy.


When it comes to pregnancy, you should always approach the matter with love and hope, releasing expectations, fears and anxiety. It has been scientifically proven that the latter CAN have negative effects on conception.

Naturally, Tarot readers are not medical professionals and if you suspect that you are pregnant, I suggest a pregnancy test above everything else.

No matter what cards you receive, always stay positive and NEVER lose hope. If you are trying to conceive, I wish you a conception experience that comes to you with ease, speed, and grace and a pregnancy that results in the delivery of a healthy baby (or babies). This or better. And so it be.

Enjoy this post and hit the “heart” button so that I know it was helpful!

With Love and Light,


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