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    Psychic Medium & Energy Healer in Dallas

    Services Offered in English & Spanish

    Tarot Card Reading

    You get a 45-minute Tarot card reading via phone, Zoom, or in-person. Click the blue "Tarot Card Reading" header to schedule your session today.

    Oracle Card Reading

    You get a 45-minute Oracle card reading via phone, Zoom, or in-person. Click the blue "Oracle Card Reading" header to schedule your session today.

    Angel Card Reading

    You get a 45-minute Angel card reading via phone, Zoom, or in-person. Click the blue "Angel Card Reading" header to schedule your session today.

    Development Coaching Session

    You get a 45-minute Psychic, Mediumship or Intuitive Ability Development Coaching session with Claudia by phone, Zoom, or in-person. Click the blue "Development Coaching Session" header to schedule your session today.

    Sacred Smudge Ceremony

    You get a 45-minute in-person session with Claudia for a smudging aura cleanse. For a space smudge, see the FAQs for instructions. Click the blue "Sacred Smudge Ceremony" header to schedule your session today.

    Energy Healing Session

    You get a 45-minute session by phone or in-person. Claudia offers a unique blend of energy healing and emotion code style modalities. This type of Multimodal Energy Healing focuses on your unique healing needs. Click the blue "Energy Healing Session" to schedule your session today.

    Spiritual teacher. medium. energy uplifter. believer that everything is possible when you open your connection to the universe and trust your inner insights.

    Claudia V. Romo

    Hello. I believe that when people connect with Spirit – their true inner guide – they naturally know, feel, manifest, and live the highest version of themselves.

    You are a divine being who was meant to thrive and achieve greatness beyond what you can imagine for yourself. You were meant to walk through life surrounded in Divine Light.

    I believe that our human experience is a teacher and that we are here to remember who we are. We are truly Magical, and we must learn to create from our highest place.

    I know that you want to tap into your true power, and I am so glad you do, because it’s right there waiting for you. All you have to do is develop the tools and understand the ways to reach it.

    I’ll show you how to trust your inner insights. I will lovingly connect you to your Angels and Guides. Let us open your connection to the Universe!


    Trusted Worldwide

    Von Von A
    Texas, USA
    “I had an amazing experience! My card reading with Claudia was truly comforting and calming. I so needed it! She is an amazing soul with such a great gift. I don’t ever hesitate to refer Claudia to anyone, she is special. So, if and when you decide to contact her you will not regret it... she truly is amazing. This is my honest opinion about my experience with Claudia. May God always bless you!”
    Karina RF.
    Texas, USA
    “My experience with Claudia’s readings is that they are true and on-point. I like her sincerity, the way she always looks out for the client, is always there when you need her and is never rushing or counting your minutes. She is a very talented reader and a beautiful soul that always calms me at my worst moments.”
    Nicole B.
    Texas, USA
    “Claudia is the most accessible, understanding, calm human being I have ever encountered. She often knows what I need/feel long before I am aware of it. Claudia’s classes (both virtual and in person) helped this beginner tap into my inner power. I felt comfortable from the first second I entered her presence. I left every class feeling at peace, connected with my peers and most of all with a better understanding of myself. I also cannot recommend her crystal bracelets enough. They are beautifully crafted, durable for everyday wear and the healing powers channeled by Claudia were phenomenal—I instantly feel better while wearing them.”
    Tammiko J.
    Texas, USA
    “Claudia’s dedication to her clients and passion for what she does is unmatched. She sets forth the best intention and seeks to offer her best self in all aspects of services she offers. Classes and literature provided are well organized and professional. The bracelets and sprays are beautiful and of great quality. Meeting Claudia has been life changing.”
    Mayra L.
    Texas, USA
    “Claudia is absolutely exceptional. She makes you feel at ease and completely comfortable during your readings. Her messages she receives are spot on and very insightful. During class she really helps you understand and hone your gifts. She always takes the time to answer questions. The class atmosphere is always wonderful and feels supportive. Everyone is there to learn and advance their skills. Her bracelets are all beautifully made and feel energetically positive. If one is to break because it has done its job, she is always happy to fix them for you. All around she is an amazing person with such a big heart! She is here to guide us so we may continue to be beacons of love and light to the world.”
    Patricia M.
    New York, USA
    “Claudia is very intuitive, helpful, caring and kind. She validated a lot of things that were going on in my life even while being 1000s of miles apart. Her guidance is very enriching to better one’s life. She is very great to give better meaning to the things we feel inside but not quite understand ourselves. The world is very blessed to have a soul like hers, roaming it. If I would have to choose to join a tribe, she would be it. You can just feel her sunny spirit.”

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